The Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami Disaster             

Described by many journalists as a disaster of Biblical proportions -
    and for Biblical reasons! Gen 65
We cannot continue to ignore and ridicule Almighty God indefinitely
    and expect no response. Multi-faith, TV, Abortion, Homosexuality, ...

Why do disasters happen? Why does God allow or even initiate them?
    If we can answer this satisfactorily, we will not ask who is to blame.
    Let us search through the scriptures and find God's answer.
         It will not be easy - and certainly not popular.

1. We live in a fallen world. The greatest disaster ever to befall man.
         God cursed the ground he created perfect. Gen 317
         Then he evicted Adam and Eve from paradise. Gen 323
         But he also promised them a Saviour. Gen 315,21 A promise he has kept.
         Most personal disasters are for this reason.
              Job's friends were wrong. His disasters were not because he had sinned.

2. Direct result of man's folly and greed. e.g.
         Coal slag tip slide at Abervan in 1966 - 116 children and 28 adults died.
         Foot and Mouth disease 2001. (see J.C.Ryle article)
         Civil wars, revolutions, world wars.
         All these are also God's warning to open our eyes to our folly.

The next 4 reasons are each God's specific judgement.
    This is not the time to 'point the finger',
         but rather, it is 'there but for the grace of God go I'.
    Let us heed the words of Jesus to those who questioned him
         about those who had recently died in a local disaster.
Jesus answered, ... "Those 18 who died when the tower of Siloam fell on them -
do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem?
I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish."
Lu 132-5
3. Judgement of God upon false prophets and blasphemous leaders. e.g.
         Hananiah.  Jer 28
         Herod Agrippa.  Act 1223
         Ananias and Sapphira.  Act 55,10
         Lot's wife.  Gen 1926
         An arrogant Babylonian king.  Dan 530
         Jealous Persian leaders.  Dan 624
         Goliath and Sennacherib, who dared to challenge God.  1 Sam 1745  Is 3736

4. Judgement of God upon a disobedient nation(s). e.g.
         Israel.  Amos 46 - 52  Northern tribes sent into permanent exile - lost for ever.
         Judah.  Jer 111-11
         All 'deaf' nations.  Jer 1217  Jer 46 - 51  Jer 186-10
         Sodom and Gomorrah.  Gen 19.   Sodomy and also Ezek 1649,50

5. Judgement of God upon the false gods made by men. e.g.
         Upon the gods of Egypt.  Exd 1212
         Philistine god of Dagon.  1 Sam 51-4,7  They preferred Dagon to the Lord.

6. Judgement of God upon a wicked world. - at the beginning and at the end.
         The flood in the days of Noah.  Gen 6
         Great Tribulation.  Rev 6-19  "You ain't seen nothing yet."
              50% of the world's population will die!! (=3,000 million)   Rev 68 918

7. Personal disasters test / train us to know that God is the Lord Almighty. e.g.
         Moses 40 years a shepherd in Midian.
         Jacob. Over 20 years with Laban. 'Blessed' after Paddan Aram.  Gen 359,10
              Limped, lost Rachael, 'lost' Joseph, famine, exiled to Egypt.
         Job.   Job 18 23   See Ro 828,37

8. Jesus on the Cross proves that God can bring the greatest good out of disaster.

This Boxing day tsunami is a wake-up call from God for this world to repent.
    That all religions are Not of equal value.
    The Church must learn to preach Christ crucified for our redemption.
         No other way of salvation. Hindu, Budda, Islam are each a delusion.

What can we do?
Opportunity to show the compassion of God.
Opportunity to tell the truth about 'the Plight of man and the Power of God'.

Many have wrong answers because they have a wrong understanding of God.
    He is gracious, giving us what we don't deserve,
         but he is not a benevolent harmless old man who can safely be ignored.
    He is filled with mercy, but we cannot expect him to do away with justice.
         The guilty must be punished. Justice must be seen to be done.
    He has given men the responsibility for this world,
         but the Great Creator remains Lord of all.
    What parent will fail to try to correct their erring child
         and to set them on a right path.

"Of course, those who place their faith is a uniformly benevolent God feel let down
      when he fails to furnish all things bright and beautiful in plenty,
      but instead allows the Four Horsemen to roam freely about the globe ...
      As C.S.Lewis constantly reminds us of Aslan, 'He is not a tame lion, you know'."
                Mark Daniel WMN

Can God's disasters be avoided?   No.   God prophesies many more and far greater!!
    But remember the words of Jesus:
         In this world you will have trouble.
         But take heart! I have overcome the world.
   Jn 1633b