Four Aspects of Eternal Life    Is 35 Rev 21,22        

1. For all ‘in Christ’, those whose names have been written in the Book of Life, all their sin is both forgiven and forgotten by God and also ourselves. Though we will remember why Jesus had to come and be our perfect, propitiating Redeemer and Advocate. We will appreciate and remember all of God’s Word. No sin or temptation will ever be experienced again. No more will we be visited by any of the many different pains we now endure.

2. We shall see him as he is and always be like him. Holy, righteous and kind.
God’s truth will be known, unlimited and rejoiced in. Mysteries will be understood. Everyone will be a friend, dressed in washed, white robes. War, that has caused so much suffering and needless expense, will no longer even be anticipated; neither will darkness or any form of deceit. We will always be surrounded by light, water, beauty, peace and the sound of worshipping God.

3. Patience will be easy. We will all be able to sing in tune and all styles of music will be equally delightful. No one will need spectacles or hearing aids. We will never be tired. There will not be any weeds in the garden. We may even be able to fly! Most of these are very human expectations; but I anticipate there will be many heavenly / spiritual equivalents that are not Biblical promises, but are far better and more inclusive than any of our dreams.

4. There will be a new heaven and a new earth where we can all continually ‘walk with God’. All things will be new and stay that way, without any wear, corrosion or need to be modified. There will be many, many wonderful surprises.