The Seven "I AM the ... "        

  Jesus said, “I AM the ...     Who benefits?
Jn 635,41,48,51   Bread of Life Hungry
Jn 812 95 Light of the World Lost, fearful
Jn 107 Door (Gate) Seeking
Jn 1011, 14 Good Shepherd Vulnerable
Jn 1125 Resurrection and the Life     Bereaved
Jn 146 Way, Truth and Life Lost
Jn 151, 5 Vine Lonely, unfulfilled    


  Jesus is also
Jn 1837 1919 King
Jn 738  Rev 2217 Water of Life
Rev 18,11,17 216 2213    Alpha and Omega, the Living One   
Rev 2216 Bright and Morning Star
Jn 858 “Before Abraham was born, I am!”
Exd 314 “I AM has sent me to you.”

Jesus (the ‘I am’) was, is and always will be, all these.