The 40 Parables of Jesus        

  PARABLE Math (23) Mark (9) Luke (28)  
C Lamp under bowl 514,15 421,22 816 1133 Let your light shine
C Wise and foolish builders 724-27   647-49 Wise hear words and obey
P New cloth on old coat 916 221 536 Times change
P New wine in old wine-skins 917 222 537,38 Times change
I Cancelled debts     741-43 To Simon: see result of forgiveness
C Sower and soils 133-8,18-23 43-8,14-20          85-8,11-15         It matters how we hear
C Weeds among wheat 1324-30,36-43          It matters how we hear
I Good Samaritan and neighbour     1030-37 Lawyer asks who is my neighbour?
D Persistent asking for friend in need     115-8 Teach us to pray. Ask, seek, knock
C Rich fool builds for today     1216-21 Build for today or eternity
C Unfruitful fig tree manured     136-9 Unless you repent it will be too late
C Mustard seed 1331,32 430-32 1318,19 Kingdom of God grows
C Growing seed (harvest near)   426-29   Seed grows, sower does nothing
S Yeast 1333   1320,21 Seed grows, baker does nothing
C Hidden treasure 1344     Kingdom of God most valuable
C Valuable pearl found 1345,46     Kingdom of God most valuable
C Net 1347-50     Catches many types of fish
C Treasures old and new 1352     Kingdom of God is a great treasure
P Humble at wedding feast exalted     147-14 Invite the sick, the poor and needy
P Invitation to wedding refused     1416-24 Who invited, when chosen refused?
C Counting cost of completing project     1428-33 Give up all to become a disciple
P 1 lost sheep 1812-14   154-7 1 sinner repents - Heaven rejoices
P Searching for lost coin     158-10 1 sinner repents - Heaven rejoices
P Lost son returns     1511-32 Rejoicing, but elder son angry
D Shrewd manager     161-6 Use worldly goods wisely; value God
D Dives and Lazarus     1619-31 Great chasm. Content without God
D Master and obedient servant     177-10 Even obedient servants unworthy
D Persistent widow and unjust judge     182-8 Never give up on prayer
D Pharisee, tax collector - forgiveness     1810-14 God have mercy upon me, a sinner
I Unmerciful servant 1823-34     Peter. Be always ready to forgive
C Workers in vineyard 201-16     Equal rewards for 1st and last
P Two sons, willing and unwilling 2128-32     Elders need to repent to enter
P Tenants kill son and heir 2133-44 121-11 209-18 Kingdom of heaven given to others
P Invitation to wedding ignored 222-14     Pathetic excuses; rejected
D Fig tree (time is near) 2432-35 1328,29 2129-31 But my word will never pass away
D Watchful house-owner   1335-37 1235-40 Always be ready for return of Christ
D Wise and wicked servants 2445-51   1242-48 Leaders; beware of power
D 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins 251-13     Foolish were not ready & not known
D 5, 2 and 1 talent men rewarded 2514-30   1912-27 Law leads us to Christ.  Gal 324
D Sheep and goats separated 2531-46     Help the poor; but not for reward

There are no Parables recorded in John's Gospel

To C=Crowd  D=Disciples  P=Pharisees  I=Individual  S=Synagogue

Ask a Jew a question, and he will often answer with another question or a story.

Why did Jesus use parables to teach? And what do they teach?
They teach the secrets of the kingdom of heaven.  Math 1311
      Secrets shared, but only with those who want to hear.
            Prophets saw / heard, but only in the distance.  Math 1317  Heb 1113-16
            Come all who are thirsty.  Is 551-7  Jn 856  Jer 2910-13   Joel 232  Math 77
      How much do we yearn for the righteous kingdom of God? And its secrets!
            Most begin, “The kingdom of heaven is like a ...”.
Jesus said, "Whoever has will be given more, ... Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away.
      This is why I speak to them in parables."   Math 1312,13 e.g.
Sower -  Math 131-9  What happens when anyone hears the message about the kingdom ...  Math 1318
      Seed on path, rocky places, among thorns, or on good soil.
Good Foundations -  Math 724-29 Obvious truth, but reason given is less so:
      = Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice.

Parables spoken to crowds, to Pharisees, to disciples and to individuals to inform, warn, or encourage.