The Prophecy of Zechariah        

A Bible Study  

Call to Repent 11-6
Eight Visions:  
   1. The Lord will Again Comfort Zion 17-17
   2. Two Cities - Babylon and Jerusalem   118-21
   3. A Protected City Without Walls 21-13
   4. The Real 'Rags to Riches' 31-10
   5. Gold Lamp and Two Olive Trees 41-14
   6. Flying Scroll 51-4
   7. Woman in Basket Taken to Babylon 55-11
   8. Four Chariots 61-8
Yeshua to be King and Priest 69-15
Entreating the Lord 71-7
Why the Pleasant Land became Desolate 78-14
The Lord is Jealous for Jerusalem 81-17
God's Judgements on Tyre, Aram and Philistia   91-8
Your King Comes to You 99 - 1012
Worthless Shepherds - Beware! 111-17
Concerning Israel - Jerusalem 121 - 1421

Introduction       [Contents]

In 520 BC the word of the Lord came to Zechariah.  11
An exiled priest, who had returned from Babylon with Haggai in 538
      under the leadership of Zerubbabel and Joshua.
The people were frightened and vulnerable; surrounded by destruction and poverty.
      Was God with them again?
This book is largely about Jerusalem (x36) and its sacrificial Priest and eternal King -
      Jesus Christ, King of both the capital city of Israel
            and the kingdom of God that he would build.  Jn 219  Ro 1417
It is a 'must' for all world leaders - but most will ignore it; and remain blind.  Jn 941
The "Lord Almighty" Haggai x12 Zech x 46

The Call to Repent  11-6       [Contents]

The Lord was angry - hence the exile to Babylon. (586-538  48 years)
When they returned, they immediately started to rebuild the Temple.
      But, discouraged by local opposition, they had little or no will to continue.
      Where was God?  Why didn't he help them?  This was supposed to be his city.
      So they gave up and set about their own affairs.
      And God sent a leanness; whatever they tried, nothing seemed to succeed.
Haggai revealed the problem and the solution.
You planted much, but harvested little. You eat, but never have enough ...
You expected much, but see it turned out to be little.
What you brought home, I blew away.  Why? declares the Lord Almighty.
"Because of my house which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with his own house. Therefore, because of you the heavens have withheld their dew and the earth its crops.Ē
 Hag 16, 9,10

At the same time God sent Zechariah, another prophet with the same message.
The Lord was very angry with your forefathers. Therefore tell the people: This is what the Lord Almighty says: "Return to me," declares the Lord Almighty, "and I will return to you," says the Lord Almighty.  12,3

Amazingly the returned exiles, including their leaders, not only admit their guilt, but also that God's punishment had been just.
      Then they repented and said, and said,
      'The Lord Almighty has done to us what our ways and practices deserve.'

This verse is a rare treasure.
      God is so pleased.  Hag 219  Lu 1532
Because the people obeyed,
      God was able to give Zechariah eight remarkable visions in a single night.

They are visions (he was awake; rather than dreams while asleep).
An angel of the Lord is present and answers each of Zechariah's questions.
From the days of Adam to today, God's word is unchanged:
      God commands all men everywhere to repent.  Act 1730   also Lu 131-9
Did he change his message when he sent his Son? No!
      Jesus began to preach, 'Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.'  Math 417
Seldom in history and in scripture do proud men heed the warnings of God.
      Either they reject Godís rescue plan refusing to see that they need rescuing
      or the cost of repentance is thought to be too high.

Eight Visions  in 519 BC

1. The Lord will again comfort Zion  17-17       [Contents]

The man and those riding with him are sent on a world reconnaissance mission.
      God already knew the hearts of all men; so why the mission?
            So that all are sure that the impending judgement was just. Gen 1816-22
      They reported that the earth was at rest and in peace.
            i.e. They were totally blind, unaware of God's intent.
It will be as Jesus prophesied, As in the days Noah, people were eating, drinking,
      marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the Ark.
      Then the flood came and destroyed them all.
Lu 1724-30
While people are saying, "Peace and safety", destruction will come on them suddenly ...
      and they will not escape.
1 Thes 53  Hag 221,22  Heb 1226
            The men of the world were content without God - just as so many are now.
                  They are totally unaware of the impending world judgement of God.
But because the exiles had repented God revealed a different plan for Jerusalem:
      The Lord Almighty says: I am very jealous for Jerusalem and Zion,
            but I am very angry with the nations that feel secure.
Therefore ... I will return to Jerusalem with mercy, and there my house will be rebuilt ...
      the Lord will again comfort Zion and choose Jerusalem.
The 70 years were almost complete: they had learned their lesson. 112
God wanted them to know the extent of his mercy and grace.
Today the time of trouble for Jacob will again lead to repentance. 1210 Jer 307
      Pray earnestly for this. Is 3012-15   c.f. Is 3018-21
When all the world is against Jerusalem and against those he has chosen,
      in the day when blind Israel 'sees', seeks the Lord and repents;
            then the anger of God be poured out upon the wicked
            The eagerly awaited Lord will return like lightning to Jerusalem.
                  (He will not choose London, Washington or Mosco
            Then righteous Israel and all expectant believers will rejoice.

2. Two Cities: Babylon and Jerusalem  118-21       [Contents]

Four horns scattered Judah, Israel and Jerusalem.
      The gentile 'horns' of Babylon had destroyed Jerusalem.
Four craftsmen have come to terrify them. Note the tense - 'have come'
      Babylon who enslaved the Jews had been thrown down 20 years earlier.
            They had seen Babylon defeated by the Medes and Persians.
      Babylon's destruction was no accident. It was God fulfilling his word.
      This and previous vision reveal two contrasting cities -
      God will return to Jerusalem with mercy. Chosen and comforted.  116,17
      But Babylon was, and will be, thrown down.
            Craftsmen can both build and destroy.  121  Jer 110
            The same hammer and chisel that can split rocks can shape and build.
      Zechariah sees the 'hammer' of God that would then rebuild Jerusalem,
            and would also one day destroy wickedness and build a righteous kingdom.

How do men see Babylon?   As desirable gold!
      The head of the statue in Nebuchadnezzarís dream.  Dan 232
      In his pride he denied that mighty Babylon could fall to 3 other empires,
            so he made an all-gold statue.  Dan 31,15
      Men love their corrupt 'gold' empires - see only untarnishable value.

But how does God see it?
      As a strong and devouring lion.  Dan 74
      And as a city doomed to destruction.  Jer 50,51  Is 47
      In 593 BC Jeremiah had seen what will happen to Babylon 54 years later,
            An alliance of nations (Medes and Persians) would defeat Babylon.  Jer 509
            Babylon will be completely destroyed - for ever.  Jer 5012,13,26,39 526
            Arrogance. Jer 5031 Rev 187
            Cruelty to Judah.  Jer 5124,49  Rev 1813,24
            Idols.  Jer 5117,45,47  Exd 1212  Rev 182
            Selfish Riches.  Jer 5113  Rev 18
      But the Babylon of man's naturally corrupt heart remains firmly embedded.
            Only God can destroy such strong foundations and create a new heart.
            The evil 'little' horn that flooded the world with wickedness
                  will only be destroyed by Almighty God.  Dan 719-26 823-25
      And he saw what God would do to 'spiritual' Babylon.  Rev 1821

Therefore flee from Babylon.  Jer 516,45  Rev 184  2 Co 617  Gen 1912-17
      The evil spirit of Babylon in man must be destroyed.  Ro 122
      And great is the joy in heaven when it is.  Jer 5148  Rev 1820
            When man repents and God creates a new heart and a new spirit in him.

In the days to come all who are against the Lord and his chosen will be defeated.
      Jerusalem will be cleansed by the Lord and made righteous.
      The Lord has sent his Master Craftsman and will send him again as King.
      The war will be over; and God will gain an eternal victory.
This is the Lord's plan. He will accomplish it.  None can prevent it.
      Ps 3310,11 21-9  Is 1425-27  Mic 411-13  Dan 234,35,44,45  Rev 1917-21  Is 34 c.f. Is 35

3. A Protected City Without Walls;  21-13                     [Contents]

A man is sent to measure the size of Jerusalem;
      but another is hastily sent to say:
            Jerusalem will be a city without walls!  24
            God himself will be their wall of fire and their glory within.  25
Some 80 years later we read how Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.
      So Zechariah's vision was for a later day;
            when the Lord reigns over Zion and the earth for 1000 years.  Rev 204
            But it is not the new Jerusalem that has walls but no gates.  Rev 2115,17,25
      Isaiah and Ezekiel see all villages (and cities) at peace in the Millennium,
            when men shall not train for war any more.  Is 24  Ezek 3810,11
      Almighty God will surely establish this eternal kingdom, and the New Jerusalem.
      Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  It will come.

Meanwhile Judah is called to separate from Babylon.  26,7  Rev 184  2 Co 617
      This is not so much a physical separation - they had already returned -
            but a spiritual one. A new and contrite heart, different from 'the world'.
            As Paul instructs us, Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
      but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
 Ro 122
            Will we dare to be different and live as strangers on the earth?  Heb 1113b
The security of Jerusalem will not depend upon it's walls, like Babylon.
      The people would remember how useless they had been to protect Belshazzar.
      God himself would protect them; he guaranteed to protect their souls.  2 Pe 14
            e.g. David, Ezekiel, Daniel, even Jeremiah and Job.
      The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Prov 1810
      God always delights to protect the apple of his eye.  28
            (If only Solomon had taken more notice of what he wrote!  1 Kgs 96,7 114-9)
God assures them that he will dwell among them.
      This was always his desire.  Exd 258 2945,46   Jn 1416
      Isn't it amazing that men can so easily be so careless and ungrateful.

Many nations will be joined with the Lord in that day and will become my people. 211
      May the Jews believe and welcome us;
            and may we honour the Jews with whom we are privileged to join.
Be still before the Lord, all mankind ...  213
      Consider this amazing reconciliation and grace.  Ro 1012,13  Eph 36-12  Jn 1427

God's measuring line is long and embraces all who believe in Christ Jesus.
      He jealously guards Jerusalem and all whom he has called and chosen.
      Attackers beware!!  Ps 461-7  Jn 1715  2 Thes 33

4. The Real 'Rags to Riches'  31-10       [Contents]

Even Joshua the High Priest needed to be snatched from the fire.  32
He was dressed in filthy clothes.  33
      Like all men, we have fallen short,
            there is no-one righteous, all are under sin.  Ro 323,10,9
      Who dares to come before the Lord and claim to be good?  Lu 1818-24 Is 646
      Joshua made no excuses - he had none. Like Isaiah and Peter.  Is 65  Lu 58
      He knew he was a sinful man; and so did God.  Job 210b c.f. 426

God first rebukes Satan - How dare you attack one whom I have chosen!?  c.f. Job 18 23
      He is rightly called the accuser of the brethren.  Rev 1210-12
      One day the Accuser himself will be locked up.  Rev 202,3
            And then finally cast into the lake of fire for ever.  Rev 2010
The Lord does not deny Joshua's filthy clothes.
      He commands that they be removed -
            Only the Almighty can remove the indelible stain of sin - our sinful nature.
He wants Joshua to know the symbolism
      and to be assured of the extent of his mercy.
      See I have taken away your sin.  34
            All men need to hear this from God.  Lu 520 748  Math 92-8  Col 112-14  Jer 3134b
            It remains the great longing of the heart of God. Lu 1520,32
      Joshua is not left naked; God clothes him in rich garments.
            Some see Christianity as a list of negatives and prohibitions.
                  It will certainly seem so to all those who enjoy sin.
                  8½ / 10 Commandments are 'You shall not ...'
                  But the summary of the Law is  Math 2236-40  Lu 1027  (Deut 65 Lev 1918)
He commands, Put a clean turban on his head.
      This is much more than a change of appearance. God changes the inside too.
            The mind of Joshua is transformed, he is a new creation!  Deut 306
With all his old sin taken away and re-clothed in righteousness,
      he stands before God forgiven and clean.
      With Regeneration, 'Baptism into Christ' God gives assurance.
            Count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.  Ro 611
            Watchman Nee wrote a whole book on this important verse.
Like Christian in The Pilgrim's Progress on the 'Way of Salvation',
      when he comes to the Cross - his burden of sin falls off his back,
      he is given a scroll (revelation of the Word and assurance), and clean clothes.

Joshua is given a promise to govern the courts of God if he keep God's ways.  37
He is told that he is symbolic of things to come.  38
      My Servant, the Branch (also called Yeshua) ... says the Lord Almighty,
            will remove the sin of this land in a single day.  38b,9
      In that day there will be real peace and real forgiveness.
      They will be reconciled with the Almighty, and sit at peace together.
      That single day came exactly as promised 2000 years ago.
            It was the day when Jesus cried upon the Cross, It is finished!  Jn 1930
            What was finished? Jesus bore the punishment our sin deserves.
                  Though guilty, he delights to set us free.
      Jesus kept God's ways perfectly even when it cost everything he had.  Jn 519  Lu 2242
Joshua is shown this promise of God engraved in stone. 39
      As always, the Lord has kept his promise.

But there is also a part that has yet to be fulfilled.
      When the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord
            as the waters cover the sea.  Is 119
      When all the tress of the field will clap their hands. Is 5512
      When the kingdom of God will become worldwide, not just in our hearts.
            Lu 1721  Dan 244  Is 358-10 6517-25  Lu 1318  Ro 1417  1 Co 420 1550
All this, and more the Lord Almighty will complete.  Phil 16 321
      And he will do so in a single day.  39
            On the day when the Faithful and True, ... the Word of God, ...
                  the King of kings, shall come again.  Rev 1911,13,16
God, who alone sees everything (7 eyes).
      And he will do it precisely on time!
            Yes, I am coming soon. Amen. Come Lord Jesus.  Rev 2220

5. Gold Lamp and 2 Olive Trees41-14       [Contents]

Zechariah asks the angel about the gold lampstand with 7 lights.
      And the olive trees, one on each side.  Priest and King.

This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel:
      Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit.
      What are you, O mighty mountain?
      Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground
.  46,7

What was it that would be achieved by the Spirit of the Lord?
      The completion of the Temple. The Spirit would give them a will to work.
      They would be amazed how a few men could build so much in a short time.
But a more important work of the Spirit has always been the revelation of truth,
      the eternal truth and life with Almighty God.
      Have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them.  Exd 258
      Destroy ths temple, and I will raise it again in three days ...
            but the temple he spoken of was his body.
 Jn 219-22
So this mighty work of the Spirit was not a temporary stone structure,
      but God and man living together in righteousness for all eternity.
This was the mighty truth revealed to Zerubbabel by the Spirit.
The temple building they would complete was only a sign of Godís presence.

What was the mountain?
      The many obstacles that appeared to be insurmountable.
      They knew from experience the discouragement of local opposition.
      Do we give up when it seems God 'closes a door', or do we persevere?

Who despises the day of small things?  410
      The new Temple seemed so insignificant compared with 1st Temple.
Why should it be despised?
      Because this 2nd Temple would not be the end of the story.
      Zechariah is shown the seven eyes of the Lord,   (see 38,9 + Rev 45 56
      They are symbolised by the menorah, the gold lampstand.
      Again Zech' is shown the end-time plan of God, when Christ is King.  Hag 23-9
            When God will shake the whole earth,
            and the glory of the later Ďhouseí will be greater than former temple.
      Jesus would cry out, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never
            walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.  Jn 812  Col 113,14
      When he hung upon the Cross there was darkness, but then the Sun shone.
      The Lamp that burns so brightly gives understanding of the truth.  Ps 119105

Zechariah asks, "I>What are these two olive trees?"
      These are the two who anointed to serve the Lord of all the earth.
      i.e. Joshua the priest and Zerubbabel the governor (or king).
      They will enable the 7 branched lamp to burn brightly. And they did.
But they would also point to the day when a far greater One would come.
      Jesus comes as eternal High Priest and King.
      One man, not two as represented by Joshua and Zerubbabel
      The Lord Almighty says: 'Here is the man whose name is the Branch,
      and he will branch out from his place and build the temple of the Lord.
      It is he who will build the temple of the Lord, and he will be clothed with majesty
      and will sit and rule on his throne. And he will be a priest on his throne.'
  Zech 612,13
He will be like Mechizedek.  Gen 1418-20  Heb 711-17  Rev 1916
When he returns as King, the splendour will be far, far greater.
Jesus is Prophet, Priest and King - for ever!
      The 2nd Temple would be destroyed in 70 AD.
            But Jesus, the 7 branched Lamp, would never be extinguished.
            The sun was only temporally darkened for 3 hours at Calvary.
      Christ's redemption sacrifice is effective cover for all sin, for all time.
      His reign as King will never end.
      The 'olive trees' will never die.  Heb 716,17,24

6. Flying Scroll51-4                    [Contents]

The dimensions given are huge for a leather scroll (15 x 30 feet).
      Like an advert towed by a light aircraft, but without the aircraft!
            c.f. only a hand seen writing at Belshazzar's blasphemous feast.
      God wanted everyone to see his message.
      At the end God's final warnings will be obvious to all
            in the wars, extreme natural disasters and in demonic activity.
            But instead of repenting, men will curse God.  Rev 169,11, 21

What was the message?
A curse over the whole land, those guilty and unrepentant of:
      Theft, greed, coveting and sometimes murder - Commandments 8, 10 and 6.
      Swears falsely, perjury, broken promises, lying - Commandment 9.
Punishment will be to be banished and their homes destroyed.

At the time this may have been a national problem; so God warned them.
But as in previous 5 visions, ir is primarily for later years.
Today these are so common that they are not highly ranked as sins.
      It is yet another example of how God sees things so differently.
      Burglary is a threat to our own possessions - so must be wrong!
      But what about tax dodging, social welfare fraud, or 'the firm won't miss it'?
      Advertising based upon greed, me, more. Coveting is as witchcraft.  Col 35
      Does this include the 'theft' and 'perjury' of God's Word by liberal bishops?
            i.e. Those who encourage homosexuality that God so clearly hates and judges?
Falsehood, pretence, spin, lies and deceit are all common, from top to bottom.
      Truth in our courts is a joke. Baptism and marriage vows are a mockery.
      Who longs for truth and honesty?
God had exiled Judah for making 'light' of sin.  Jer 523-31  2 Tim 31-5
      So the glory of God will depart.  Ezek 10,11
As a nation we should hang our heads in shame.
      We must heed the warning God gave to them and now gives to us.
      Remember that Sodom was also arrogant, overfed and unconcerned.
            They were haughty and did detestable things.  Ezek 1649
      Todayís God-rejecting attitude is a fertile ground for Sodomy.  Ro 118-32
            When God removes his protection, destruction is inevitable.
      Dishonesty destroys individuals, families and even nations.
      All men will 'reap what they have sown'.  Gal 67
At the end, just before the 7 bowls of wrath are poured out, John is shown:
      a flying angel who said in a loud voice, "Fear God and give him glory ..."
      It will be man's last opportunity to repent.

7. 'Wickedness' in Basket Taken to Babylon  55-11       [Contents]

Shown a woman in a measuring basket and told
      This is the iniquity of the people throughout the land.
Two women with wings take the basket to Babylon.
Note: This is not a gender issue. Neither is the harlot of Babylon in Rev 17.
      The basket is filled with iniquity; and so is Mystery Babylon the Great,
            the Mother of all prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth ...
      The 'harlot' is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.  Rev 175,18
            She is the spiritual force of satanic darkness that rules most world leaders.

The measuring basket indicates that the sin is as determined by Godís standard.
      Men usually reckon by a very different standard - prosperity, popularity etc
      e.g. UK law changes in last 50 years that have legalised what God hates.
      Homosexuality, easy divorce, Sabbath working, multi-faith, abortion murder,
            the Evolution Theory lie taught as truth (thus ignore God as Creator)
The whole basket is taken to Babylon (Babel) where all wickedness belongs.
      (See 2nd vision where Jerusalem and Babylon are compared.)

Babylon, like Babel, is symbolic of wickedness.  Jer 5029,31 5144,47,49  Is 219 47
      She is arrogant and defies the Living God - like Goliath.  1 Sam 1745
      She has become a home for demons ...  Rev 182,3
            all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries.
            and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.

Sin has no place in Jerusalem; one day all sin will be totally removed.  Is 358-10
      Ancient Babylon died, covered with sand and never seen again.  Jer 5013,39 5137
      This Babylon symbolises the grasping pride of rich, cruel, sinful man,
            It will be totally destroyed in a single hour.  Rev 1810,17,19
The brief, decisive battle is described in Rev 1911-21
      See notes on the Two Cities in Zech 118-21

Then, and only then, will Jerusalem achieve it's name as the city of peace.
      God will not share his beloved Jeshurun with evil, lying Islam.  Deut 3326-29
Did the Jews leave their sin in Babylon?  Or when they repented?
      Not entirely.
      But one day they will.  Zech 1210,11 131  Ro 1125-27

On this day God will judge the wicked.  Rev 1820
Why?  Because In her was found the blood of prophets and of the saints,
            and of all who have been killed on the earth.
 Rev 1824

8. Four Chariots  61-8       [Contents]

4 powerful horses with chariots are dispatched throughout the world.
Those going to the north country have given my Spirit rest.  68
      i.e. they have been given victory over Babylon.
          Their punishment complete, Cyrus had allowed the Jews to return.  Is 4511-13
But this primarily refers to the end of the age:
      God's victory over all earth's evil empires, over oppression ... and over sin.
Today wicked leaders are still trying to divide Israel,   Joel 31,2
            prior to destroying God's chosen.  They will fail.  Zech 121-9 143-9
      The Spirit sees victory that is currently given individually.  1 Co 1555-57 Ro 724,25
            And in the future when the Kingdom of God is worldwide.  Dan 244,45
At the end will God will vent his anger.  Rev 1414-151
Only when complete, will his Spirit rest.

(These are chariots, not the same horses as in Zech 18
(Just as Rev 62 is not the same white horse as in Rev 1911
      where the focus is on the rider, who is the King of Kings)
(Commentators often muddle up these horses and muddle truth)

As at Babel, at the end men will set up a temporary evil world empire.
      (Like EU is founded upon deceit. Always intended dictatorship, not just trade)
But the last world power will be the shortest lived in the history of the world. Just 3½ years!
      The leaders, the Beast and False Prophet, he will cast into hell!  Rev 1920
      Followers will not be scattered, but killed by the sword of the Lord.  Rev 1921

When 'Babylon' (in the north) is finally defeated, only then will Godís Spirit rest.

This vision is given to assure God's people that the day of wickedness will end,
      and an eternal day of forgiveness, righteousness and truth will be established.
      This is the enduring message of the Bible, Godís Word.

Yeshua to be King and Priest  69-15       [Contents]

In the 5th vision of the gold lamp and two olive branches God reveals the separate ministries
      of Priest (Joshua) and King (or Governor - Zerubbabel).
Now they are combined since it looks forward to the day of Jesus the Messiah.
      He is Prophet, Priest and King over all the earth.
Normally this would not be possible.
      Priests were only from tribe of Levi, Kings were from Judah.  Heb 711-14
      Yeshua was a priest not on the basis of a regulation as to his ancestry
            but on the basis of the power of an indestructible life.   Heb 716,17
      Yeshua was like Melchizedek, or rather Melchizedek was like Yeshua,
            who was both king and priest for ever.  Gen 1418-20
      God also reveals to Zechariah:
      Here is the man whose name is the Branch,
            and he ... will build the Temple of the Lord and he will be clothed with majesty ...
            and he will be a priest on his throne.

Jesus tells his questioners how he will build a new temple in 3 days!  Jn 219-22
Only after the resurrection did his disciples understand what he meant.
      Do we understand?
      What was the 'Temple' that Jesus Built?
            His body that rose from the dead,
                  and his whole family of believers who were raised with him.
Our great High Priest will also build a new, world-wide 'Kingdom of God'.  Dan 244
Eventually, in the 'new heaven and new earth',
      the Lord God Almighty himself will be the Temple.  Rev 2122

In the immediate future, they would rebuild the Temple - completed 516 BC.
      This will happen if you diligently obey the Lord your God.  615
When built, it would be proof that these visions are true and from God.
      You will know that the Lord Almighty has sent me to you.  615
Likewise, the resurrection of Jesus would prove his authority
      to 'cleanse' the Temple.  Jn 218,19

Entreating the Lord  71-7       [Contents]

2 years later, the word of the Lord came to Zechariah.  71
This was no chance event or casual conversation.
      It came as a result of an urgent entreaty. Should they continue to mourn?
      Their desire for the favour of God and Zechariah’s desire to answer correctly,
            was not an idle question, but a consuming passion.
      In his grace, God answered.
God questions their motive.  Was it really for me that you fasted?  75
      Or was it just to end your slavery and discomfort?
      Even now, God asks them is it me you seek,
            or is it the dreamed of peace and prosperity of yesteryear?  77

            My goal is God himself, not joy, nor peace,
            Nor even blessing, but himself, my God.
            ‘Tis his to lead me there, not mine, but his,
            At any cost, dear Lord, by any road.

God knows our hearts and our motives far better than we do!
      Mixed motives are very difficult to determine for ourselves,
            and almost impossible to ascertain accurately for others.
      What we think and say of others is often based upon what we assume their
            motives to be - good or bad.
God asks the people of Jerusalem as they rebuild the Temple,
      Is it me that you really desire, or is it the building?
      This question did not cease to be relevant in 518 BC !
      Do we value Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral
            more than the presence of God? Or activity more than Presence?  Lu 1038-42
      Do we miss the departure of God and his protection from the rebellious UK?
            1 Sam 1614  Ezek 104,18 1123  Ro 121-31
      How many even notice his departure? !
      Which is more important to us, God or our happiness?
            Ironically true happiness is only found with God.
            Sooner or later modern hedonism only leads to disappointment,
                  greed, selfishness, corruption and despair. e.g. Solomon in Ecc.
When the road is steep we cry out to God for help.
      But what do we do when the road is easy?  Deut 610-12

God was able to ask this revealing question of a repentant people.
      He knew they would respond positively and not reject him.

Why the Pleasant Land became Desolate  78-14       [Contents]

The word of the Lord came again to Zechariah ... administer true justice ...
      show mercy and compassion to one another ...  18-10
This command from the Lord Almighty was more concerned
      with civil or social justice than with criminal justice.
True civil justice is not just concerned with disputes of the rich and powerful;
      The widow, orphan, alien and poor must not be neglected.
The principle is easy to declare, but did they have a heart to desire to obey it?
      Over 20% of Israelis today live below the poverty line.
      Do we share God's desire for righteousness and justice?
      Do we only want justice for ourselves, or are we concerned for others?
There are many difficulties in administering social justice:
      Balance of state and personal (or family) responsibility.
            What happens to those without family, or in cases of family breakdown?
            Increased life expectancy - pensions and health care - who provides?
            Inheritance tax. Share wealth or keep well earned savings?
      Abuse of welfare state for poor or economic migrants.
      Needs arising from unrepentant immoral or known dangerous behaviour.
            e.g. Sex, drugs, tobacco.
      Biggest problem remains our natural greed, selfishness and independence.
            c.f. God's command for year of Jubilee and 7 year land Sabbath.

Do not think evil of each other.  710
      Is this pretending everyone is good? No.
      Does it mean that we call evil good? Of course not.
            God doesn't, and he is not telling us to do so.
      But it does mean we are quick to forgive;
            that all our words are honest and true.
            There is no 'spin', no lies, no deceit, no twisting, no false testimony.
            See Ps 5016-22

They are reminded of their recent history:
      But they refused to pay attention ... so the Lord Almighty was very angry ...
            this is how they made the pleasant land desolate.  711-14
      The warning reveals the cause and the justice of their exile to Babylon.
      Sooner or later rejecting God always leads to desolation and destruction.
Today we have a greater knowledge of history than any previous generation.
      Are we willing to learn from it, or do we refuse to pay attention to the Lord?
      Is God sidelined? Are his revelations and commands willfully ignored?

Currently the pleasant land of Israel is in turmoil and war.
      There is poverty, fear, carnage and death.
      Wicked men are trying to divide the land,
            forcing the Jews to give away God's gift to evil, hateful, heathen Arabs.
Then, as now, God longs to stand up for his chosen people.
In the days of Jeremiah they stubbornly refused to listen to the word of the Lord.
      For 40 long years they consistently rejected him.  711,12
      In 605 BC they did not learn when Nebuchadnezzar exiled the first group.
      In 597 they did not learn when the 2nd group was taken to Babylon.
      In 586 The Lord Almighty was very angry.
            He destroyed Jerusalem and even the Temple; but still they didn't learn.
      Though the Jews are often very concerned with their long history;
            they are also very slow to learn from it.
As a nation they mostly still reject the God of their fathers.
      But in the day of Jacob's trouble, they will turn to the Lord.  Jer 307-17
            They will cry out, What must we do to be saved?  Act 237-41
            The answer given will be same as Peter gave 2000 years ago to the Jews
                  on the day of Pentecost. Repent and be baptised ...

What about our "green and pleasant land" that delights in rejecting the Lord?
      Will God forgive our pro-Arab, anti-Jewish policies?
      Can God ignore our ingratitude and rebellion?
      Doesn't our 'cut and pasting' of the word of God deserve his judgement?

One day soon this land will lie desolate unless we repent.

In the days of Haggai and Zechariah the people of Jerusalem did repent.
    God was delighted to prosper them and the rebuilding of the Temple.
    Who will learn from this?

The Lord is Jealous for Jerusalem  81-17       [Contents]

The Lord Almighty says, "I am very jealous for Zion."  82
It was vital that the Jews saw God as the Lord Almighty.  x12 in this passage.
      Jealousy is one of the 7 deadly sins. How can God be jealous?
            He will brook no other rivals; he will always be faithful to Israel.
            No other gods. And no idols. Commandments 1 and 2.  Exd 203-6
            Hebrew word is also translated 'zealous'.
God spells out what his jealousy or zeal means:

1. I will return to Zion and dwell in Jerusalem.  83
Our desire for God holds no surprises - though it needs a changed heart.
But God's desire for us is amazing.
      It seems that his whole purpose in creation was to build a Kingdom,
            to dwell with a multitude that no man could number.
Jerusalem here is literal. The mosques on the Temple Mount are only temporary.
      The city will not be divided when Jesus reigns there in the Millennium.

2. Jerusalem will be called the City of Truth.  83
There will be no Muslims; and no Islamic lies about God not having a Son.
There will be no spin, no deceit, no guile - but it will be like Nathaniel.  Jn 147
The Counsellor will lead us into all truth.
      The shadows and the mists will clear - God will reveal all the mysteries.
We will understand all his prophetic word. No more speculation or divisions.
Motivations will be simple and honest; not mixed.
3. I will save my people ... I will bring them back to live in Jerusalem.  87,8
As God gathered the animals into the Ark, so he will gather his people to Zion.
Like a shepherd he will draw them together. Ezek 3411-31
And give the dry bones life.  Ezek 371-14
God gave Ezekiel the same vision.
I will make a covenant of peace with them; it will be an everlasting covenant.
I will establish them and increase their numbers,
and I will put my sanctuary among them forever.
My dwelling place will be with them; I will be their God, and they will be my people.
Then the nations will know that I the Lord make Israel holy,
when my sanctuary is among them forever.
 Ezek 3726-28
God has brought them back; how long until he fulfills the second part?
      See pictures of boys and girls playing in Jerusalem.  85
      Though taken in 1991, they still thrill my heart. God always keeps his word.
For some 50 years (586-538 BC) Jews had been enslaved by Babylon.
      Now in Zechariah's day they were free and had returned to Jerusalem.
      Therefore Do not be afraid, but let yours hands be strong.  813b

      They obeyed. Their hands were strong. The Temple was rebuilt.
      But then they rejected their Messiah, when 'last of all God sent his Son'.
The Jews have consistently been the object of man's cursing for 2000 years.  813a
    Today they are home again.  And again, all the world objects.

Therefore you must speak the truth to each other.  816,17
      In court, at home, with your neighbour ... always.
      This instruction continues the previous word of the Lord that called for true justice.  79,10
They should also rehearse the truth of God's word. For he said,
      Now I have determined to do good again to Jerusalem and Judah.  815
      The Jews were instructed to repeat this truth to each other.
      After 2 generations of slavery in exile in Babylon and 20 years of failures,
            they were probably doubtful of God's kindness.
The truth concerns God's covenant, his unbreakable promise.
      The earth is the Lord's.  Ps 241
            And he gave one small specific part of it to Israel.  Gen 127 1518-20 178
      This is the truth. Let no mere man deny or try to nullify it.
I long that the current Jewish leaders would fear God and rehearse this truth.
      One day they will. What a day it will be.
On Wed 20th Aug 2003 Hanegbi (Israeli Internal Security Minister)
      gave instructions that Jews and Christians may enter the Temple Mount
      for 2 hours every morning. It is a good start. Let's hope it continues.

God's Judgement upon Aram, Tyre and Philistia  91-8       [Contents]

They were rich and proud and had sold the Israelites as slaves.
      see also Joel 34-6  Ezek 25-28
But the Lord will take away her possessions and destroy her power ...
      and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines.  94,6
Mainland Tyre had already been totally destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar
      in 572 after a 13 year siege, and defeated the Philistine cities.
God does not do half a job. This prophecy reminds them he will complete it.
      Alexander destroyed the 'Sea' city of Tyre in 322 after building a causeway.
      He also 'finished off' the Philistines, who then disappear from history.
Their 'Britannia rules the waves' attitude has a clear message to the UK today.
      Especially when combined with the vehement anti-Israel government policies.

Your King Comes to You  99 - 1012       [Contents]

This familiar word of God is read each year on Palm Sunday.
Jesus fulfilled this word some 2000 years ago; but he did not seem like a king.
      He was only welcomed by a few.
      He rode a donkey, not a white horse.
      Uniquely, he was righteous.
      He brought the gift of salvation;
            and unlike all other kings, he did not 'take, take, take' from the people. 1 Sam 810-18
      Within a week he would be crucified.
      His coronation crown was not made of gold, but of sharp thorns.
      No one realised the peace he proclaimed and brought to the nations.
            Even the apostle Peter would be amazed.  Act 10
      His rule from the River to the ends of the earth has yet to be acknowledged.
            But it will be when he comes again as King of kings.  Rev 1916
      This King shed his blood and kept his covenant.
            He set free all who held captive by sin and who believed him.
What a King!!
He comes to us - we could never go to him. We don't know how or where to go.
Zechariah then describes the battle in the last days when the Lord will return.
Then the Lord will appear over them; his arrow will flash like lightning.
    The Sovereign Lord will sound the trumpet ...
    The Lord Almighty will shield them ...
    The Lord their God will save them on that day ...
    They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown.  914-16
It is not the IDF that will save Israel, but the Lord Almighty.
      This is emphasised later in Zech 12 and 14.
God will not abandon his people in the day that they cry to him.  Exd 223-25
      As yet, only a few direct their pleading to the Lord God.

Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime. 101
      Ask in spring, not summer.
      Do not ask Baal; idols speak deceit ...
            for the Lord Almighty will care for his flock, the house of Judah.  102,3
This spring Galilee was below the red danger level. Now it has risen 15 ft!
      Let Israel give thanks to the Lord.
Give me also springs of water  Josh 1519  also  Is 351-7 Jn 413,14
      Pray that God may so water our souls that they become a spring for others.

From Judah will come the cornerstone. 104
      Just as he promised, he came. But few recognised him.  2 Pe 24-8
The tent peg or centre pole on which all hangs is Jesus.
      He will support Israel and all his church. He will not give way  c.f.  Is 2223-25

Soon he will come again, and this time:
      I will strengthen the house of Judah ...
      I will restore them because I have compassion on them ...
      Their heart will rejoice in the Lord ...
      Surely I will redeem them ...
      Though I scatter them ... they will return.  106-9
What a glorious truth.
He reminds them of how the Lord dealt with Assyria and Egypt.
      This is how he will deal with all your enemies when he brings you back.
I will strengthen them in the Lord and in his name they will walk.  1012
See also Is 54 and  Deut 3326-29
The day will surely come when the Lord will fulfill all this.
      Such is his faithfulness, compassion and power.

Worthless Shepherds - Beware!  111-17       [Contents]

Much of this chapter is difficult to understand and apply to Zechariah's day.

The great 'trees' (cedar, pine and oak) are ruined. 111-3
      Even the shepherds and the young lions will wail and roar from hunger.
      Learn from the example of Assyria and Egypt. 1011  Also Babylon.  Dan 51-4,30
      The trees are tall and strong, the shepherds (leaders) are powerful
            and lions are seen as the undisputed 'kings' of the animal world,
            But all who challenge or reject the Lord Almighty will inevitably fall.

See how the Lord broke the two staffs, 'Favour' and 'Union'.  1110,14
The shepherds were rich and arrogant - and the flock detested me.  118
      So they perished. 119
N. tribes of Israel were scattered for ever by Assyria.
These verses probably refer to the days when the Jewish leadership
      rejected their Messiah, then Judah would be scattered for 2000 years.
      When the Shepherd came he was 'sold' for just 30 pieces of silver.  1113
            Jesus was betrayed for just the price of a slave!  Math 2615
            and threw them into the house of the Lord to the potter.  1113  Math 277

In that day many rejected Jesus - and he grew weary of them. 118b  Math 2142-44
      So the staff of 'Favour' was broken - for a season.
UK have mostly become weary of the Lord and rejected all his Commandments.
  1 - No other gods c.f. promotion of multi-faith.
  2 - No idols c.f. pop stars and sports icons + cars, personal image etc
  3 - The name of the Lord is taken in vain in our courts. Used as swear-word.
  4 - Sabbath is now rejected. Evolution instead of Creation.
            Holiness is ridiculed. Happiness is the goal.
  5 - Parents are not honoured often despised. Family breakup common.
  6 - Murder and violent crime is still increasing.
            Abortion/murder of 190,000/year.
  7 - Adultery is now the norm. Only T marry, and of those 50% divorce.
            Homosexuality now legalised.
  8 - Stealing to fund drug habit remains a major problem.
  9 - False testimony or spin rather than truth raised to a new level.
10 - No Coveting c.f. lottery, gambling casios, advertising appeal, 'love of money'.

Our privileged Christian heritage has been systematically blown to the winds.
What will he do to such a careless and arrogant, God rejecting people?

Woe to the worthless shepherd. 1117
      This warning is undoubtedly true in every generation.
      Other than a warning, what did it mean to them? Why did God proclaim it?
      Was there a danger then, as there certainly was in AD 30
            when the 'shepherds' were fleecing the flock instead of feeding it?  Jn 214-16
            The Pharisees did not seem to care one whit about the poor.  Ezek 341-10
            They despised them, and did not seek to help the lost and sinful.
                  c.f. the attitude of Jesus.  Math 115  Lu 734 530-32 157
      Idols are worthless because they are false; they deceive.
            So is an idol shepherd. (1117 KJV)
            They may have eyes, but they do not see.  Jn 939  Is 69 4418  Math 623
            Appear innocent but are like savage wolves.  Math 715  2 Pe 21  Act 2029
            When they are faced with danger they run away.  1117  Jn 1012  Is 5610-12
      But the Good Shepherd willingly lays down his life for the sheep. Jn 1011
            Not as a lifesaver who dies trying to save a drowning boy;
                  but as an effective Redeemer who rose again from death in triumph.

Concerning Israel - Jerusalem  121 -1421       [Contents]

3000 years ago David gained Jerusalem from the Jebusites.  2 Sam 56-10
Since then events in the capital city of Israel have always been front page news.
      Jesus said, "Surely no prophet can die outside Jerusalem."  Lu 1333
Jerusalem is without any significant resources or trade route, but God chose Zion.
What does he say concerning it's future?
Satan and Islam consistently try to frustrate the plans of the Lord Almighty.
      Dome of the Rock on Temple site in 691 and 10 yrs later the el-Aksa mosque.
      Muslims always try to build mosques on their enemies holy sites.
Today Israel remains a thorn to Islam and an insult to Allah.
      The Arabs will not rest until all Israel is destroyed.
      As God says, war will continue to the end.  Dan 926b
These chapters tell us clearly what he has planned for Jerusalem and the Jews.
Satan is now doing all he can to destroy Israel,
      and thus show God does not keep his word, or is just unable to do so.
      He will fail.
      The Arabs and wicked world leaders will find themselves up against
            the Lord Almighty, the sovereign Lord!

The Lord God is he who created the heavens, the earth and man.  121
I am going to make Jerusalem
      a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling.  122a
Who surrounds Zion? Syria (Assyria / Aram), Jordan (Ammon + Moab),
      Iraq and Iran (Babylon + Medes and Persians), Egypt, Palestinian Arabs.
      They all hate Israel and the God of Israel who has enabled her to triumph.
      Further afield there is also Russia, EU, UN and even the USA.
They will each be sent reeling -
      As Jerusalem once drunk the cup of God's wrath (70 and 135 AD)
            so will all these surrounding nations.  Is 5117
      e.g. 1948 war of Independence, 1967 Six day war, 1973 Yom Kippur war.
            Each time the world was amazed; and so were the Arabs!
Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem.  122b
      Arab trade boycott that forbids trading with any firm that trades with Israel.
      This has mostly failed because not only Arabs have petro-dollars to spend.
      The Arabs need the superior Western industrial produce, especially arms.
      Zech 12 refers to near the end, Zech 14 is at the return of Jesus Christ.

On that day, when all nations of the earth are gathered against her ...  123a
      Little Israel will stand alone against the world.  Jer 3017
      But the God of Israel will be seen to stand with her!
I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all nations.
All who try to move it will injure themselves.  123b
      World leaders need to read these 3 chapters - or suffer the consequences.
      God has here declared that they will not heed his warning.
            He does not say how they will injure themselves, but they surely will.
            Their armies will panic and make mad decisions,
                  their horses (or tanks?) will become blind.
            Maybe the countries will also suffer major economic and natural disasters.
      God promises to do this. And he always keeps his word.
      The wicked will not prosper for ever.

Then the leaders of Judah will say in their hearts, "The people of Jerusalem
      are strong, because the Lord Almighty is their God."  125
      This will be a radical change from today's largely agnostic government.

God clearly declares that Jerusalem will remain intact in her place ...
      The Lord will shield those who live in Jerusalem (i.e. Jews) ...
      On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem. 126-9
In June 2001 Barak offered Arafat 97% of Judah and half Jerusalem,
      including all the Old city. Thankfully Arafat turned it down.
When will people see that God has clearly reserved Jerusalem for the Jews?
Why are the wicked so blind, so deaf, so foolish?

Why has God promised to destroy the enemies of the Jews?  1210 - 136
      1.  Because he is faithful to Israel whom he has chosen.
      2.  The Jews will seek the Lord and repent.
            They will look on me, the one whom they have pierced,  
            and they will mourn ...   1210  Jn 1933-37  Rev 17
          On that day the weeping in Jerusalem will be great.  1211
Immediately (!) on that same day ...
          A fountain will be opened ... to cleanse them from sin.  131
      God is eagerly awaiting that day.
            How many in his church share his longing for Israel to be saved?
      All the world will be against the people whom God is for.
            This shows us just how wicked the world will have become.
            Jesus said it will be like in the days of Noah.  Lu 1725,26  Gen 65
            Though clearly warned, the flood was not only unexpected, but deserved.
      There is no 'back door' for the Jews; they must enter like everyone else.
            They enter by repentance and faith.  Act 531,32 2021
            The Lord God tells us in this prophesy that they will enter.
                  see also  Ezek 379,10  Ro 1125  Is 4522,25  Jer 3133,34

On that day I will banish the names of idols from the land.  132
Islam, the Dome on the Rock, the el-Aksa mosque will be gone for ever.
      So will all the other idols of money, sex and power.
All the false prophets will be punished and ashamed.
      So will evil atheistic politicians like Peres, Beilin and the 'peaceniks',
            who delighted to give away the land God gave them.  c.f.  Naboth 1 Kg 213
      False prophets enjoy popular acclaim, but they delight to lie and scheme.
            Is 3010  Jer 530,31 613-15  Math 1411
      True prophets, like Jeremiah, always have a hard time in a wicked world.
            They are rejected and ridiculed.  Jn 1518-27
On that day there will be no false prophets.
      Men will delight in the truth and in the reign of Christ their King and Saviour.

Awake, O sword, against my shepherd ...  137a
This is not the honour of death by the sword of war,
      but the ignominious death by the sword of Justice,
      and not for his own sin, but for ours.
Jesus was struck and the apostles were scattered. 137b  Math 2631  Jn 1632
      Peter denied his Master 3 times as prophesied.  Jn 1338
      But he was also restored.  Jn 2115-19   By prayer.  Jn 176-11

2/3 will be struck down ... 1/3 left ... and these I will refine ...
      they will call on my name ... They are my people.  138,9
This was fulfilled in AD70 by the Romans. Rejecting the Saviour is costly.
The Lord confirms the remnant S belong to him.
      The believing Jews had fled to Pella, east of Jordan, and survived.

Zech 142 reveals the height of Jacob’s trouble.  Jer 307
I will gather all nations to Jerusalem to fight against it. 142 123  Gen 78,9  Jer 259
      Judgement on the wicked nations - they wilfully despise God.
      Judgement for Jews who continue to reject their God.
The city will be captured and half will be exiled. 142
      Only those who know this book will realise it is not the end of the story.
      The lonely disaster will also cause them to turn to the Lord.
Then the Lord will go out and fight against those nations. 143 129
      The Lord Almighty will stand on the Mount of Olives. 144
      His enemies do not stand a chance!
      In blind panic they will fight each other. 124 1413  Judg 722  1 Sam 1420  Hag 222
      More details in Joel 31-16 and Rev 1919-21  also Ro 1125-27  Is 5912-21
      The victory of the Lord is complete and instant.
It is a literal, physical victory; not an illusion or a vain hope.

On that day ...
Then the Lord my God will come and all his holy ones with him. 145
      He will come with and for the redeemed.  1 Thes 413-18
No light. But when evening comes there will be light. 146,7
      What God will do at this time will amaze us all.
      Probably describes life in the new heaven and new earth.  Rev 2123 225
Living water will flow out from Jerusalem. 148
      In Ezek 47 God reveals that where the river flows everything will live.  Ezek 479
            Fish, and also trees with leaves and fruit for healing. Ezek 4712  Rev 221,2
The Lord will be King over the whole earth. 149
      And there will be no other name, no other God anywhere.
Jerusalem will be secure. 1411 126,8
      At last she will be the city of peace.
      Jerusalem changed hands 17 times between 1000 and 37 BC
            and a further 21 times from 70 to 1967 AD

1416-21 describes life during the Millennium.
      Survivors will go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord Almighty. 1416
      They will celebrate the feast of Tabernacles
            Forgiveness after Day of Atonement. Ingathering of final harvest. Is 5310b
            Why doesn’t church celebrate Sabbath or any of the 3 major Jewish feasts?
                  Non-participation of Tabernacles punished. 1417-19



Creation Sunday Resurrection
Worship Sun / planets
Passover Deliverance from slavery
in Egypt
Easter Christ crucified
Pagan Fertility festival
Pentecost Firstfruits Christmas Birth of Christ
Pagan Mid-winter festival
Tabernacles Sinai provision
Final Ingathering

Holy to the Lord will be inscribed; 1420
       instead of the Islamic lie “God has no Son” on Dome on the Rock.
No Canaanites. 1421b Descendants of Ham, cursed by God. Gen 106 1516,21
       Only the righteous will live in the house of the Lord Almighty. Is 358-10